@cuppiecakeee: Justin beiber is here with selena Gomez at church!!!

@justinbieber: Lol chef bieber

#NEOrunway -­ Blogger Edition

@adidasNEOLabel: Imagine, you’re sitting in class and the girl next to your turns and *dead*

September 15: Lana Del Rey gets asked about Selena by a fan

September 13: Video of Selena in Las Vegas, Nevada with Justin Bieber (ff: 0.06)

September 13: New photo of Selena on Justin Bieber’s iPhone lockscreen from September 11, 2014

September 3: Selena sending a message to her Japanese fans backstage at the NEO Runway in NY

June 14, 2013: Selena with her friend Charity Baroni promoting the movie “Getaway”