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September 20: New photo of Selena with Ashley Benson and Ryan Good at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California

September 10: New rare photo of Selena, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine on the set of the “Spring Breakers” photoshoot

September 10: Selena is featured in “Until The Ribbon Breaks” new music video “Addicted to love (Robert Palmer Re-Imagination)”

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New rare of Selena and Ashley Benson

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“The four of us were filming this motel party scene and we had to observe what was going on and be in character. My and Vanessa’s characters loved to party, so we couldn’t do anything to break that persona. But I remember looking over to the floor at these two girls rolling around and making out completely naked. At that moment, I literally closed Selena’s eyes. I felt like I had to mother her.”

Ashley Benson talks about working with Selena in “Spring Breakers” in the June/July 2014 issue of Complex Magazine

April 19: New behind the scenes photos of Selena and the cast of Spring Breakers (Thanks to thgrares for these submissions)