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We are looking for a member or even two more members who are willing to post news about Selena Gomez 24/7. If you’re really interested, here is what you have to do, go to our SUBMIT PAGE , and answer the following:

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Url:
  • Where are you from:
  • Edits/Gifs by you (It’s totally fine if you don’t make edits/gifs, this is just optional):
  • Will you be able to go on and post at least twice a day?
  • Where will you get your Selena Gomez News? (Give us specific links or websites please)

Also in order to be part of this news blog, you must be able to post the news quickly as posible. If you are going to be on hiatus for a time, you will have let us know because if we see that you do not post something (news, photos, videos, etc) we will have to ask you to leave the blog. Point out some reasons why you think you should be part of our team.

Start sending in your submission now! We will message you back if you are accepted and good luck to all of those who submit!

The dead-line is February 12th. 

We hope to get your submission :)

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